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strangers in a strange land (Completed)


Character(s): Gekko Hayate and Tsukino Usagi
Content: Two strangers meet, and find they have several things in common.
Setting: A town somewhere in Britain.
Warning(s):  Possible destruction of property? Who knows?


Character(s): Allen Walker (crossgraved), Komui Li (bunnymug), Linali Li (xlinali), and Uzumaki Naruto (innocentfox).
Content: After Allen and Linali had successfully escorted Naruto to the HQ, they come in contact with Komui himself!
Setting: Dark Religious Organization Headquarters.
Warning(s): The wonders of DRO Science! Includes insanity to its limit.

The better way of solving a mystery!Collapse )



Character(s): Allen Walker (crossgraved), Uzumaki Naruto (innocentfox), Linali Li (xlinali)
Content: Allen and Linali are dispatched to retrieve a boy named Naruto back to the Order. By force, if necessary...
Setting: Outside the Order, somewhere in England.
Warning(s): None, so far.

Join the foxhunt?Collapse )